Stump Removal – Removing That Unsightly Stump

Although cutting a tree might sound like a big job, it is pretty simple compared to stump removal. Stump removal is far more involved, and that is why it’s usually not included in the price of stump removal. However, if you have an old tree that is causing you trouble, this is the step that you need to take. Stump removal can help you prevent future problems. Most homeowners find out that they are required to remove a dead or decaying tree on their own. In some cases, if the tree stump is too large, it may be easier than thought to hire a tree service to remove it for you.

Stump Removal AdelaideStump Removal Adelaide by burning is one way to get rid of a stump. Before this method is used, there are a few things to consider. If you have an electrical outlet nearby, you can use a blow torch to light it. The flames from a torch can quickly melt the surface layers of soil where the roots are hiding. Once the flame is out, however, this is not an excellent way to remove a stump.

If you decide to use burning to remove a tree stump, make sure that the stump is surrounded by dry, solid earth. Many stump removal products will damage the roots if the root system is exposed while burning. Even if you try to dig around the stump and reach its heart, you may be hit by the fact that the root system is much like a brick wall. In addition, rot can set in if the hole is not sealed.

A better option than using a torch to remove a stump is to make sure that the hole is dug deep enough to keep the rot from setting in. To do this, you will need a stump removal auger. An auger is a unique digging tool with a special tube that allows it to reach the ground. As you leave the auger in the hole, it drills a small hole at a time. As the auger drills deeper, soil can be removed while the auger continues to drill.

Once the stump removal auger is through, another option is to dig around the stump using a shovel with the help of Tree Ninja Adelaide. Again, it would help if you only used as many shovels as you feel comfortable digging with. Start by digging a large hole at least one foot deep and up to four feet wide. Remember that the larger the tree stump, the more roots you will have to dig through. Once the ground is opened up, use a cable line or a long piece of rope to walk the rope back through the hole. Remember to dig slowly and carefully, as the depth of the ground will play a role in how fast the tree falls.

After the initial stump removal process, you are now ready to start the actual stumps removal process. Start by locating where the holes were located before. If you did not dig them all out, make sure you find them before continuing. Once you have located the holes, you will need a stump removal scraper to make sure you get all of the grass and leaves out. When you scrape away excess material, make sure to work the scraper in a straight line to make sure nothing is left behind.