What is a TENS Machine?- How it Works

A Zoe Tech TENS machine Australia is a medical device that uses electrical current to relieve muscular pain. These devices are used primarily by therapists for the relief of severe muscle injuries. They can also be used to help patients with conditions such as cerebral palsy and control disorders. In general, the machines deliver short bursts of powerful, pulsating electric current. The strength and frequency of the electric current are adjusted depending on the condition the patient is suffering from to deliver targeted relief to reduce discomfort and allow patients to regain mobility.


For example, a dentist can use a tens machine during a dental procedure to alleviate pain while the patient is under anesthesia. A registered massage therapist may use a tens unit to relieve sore muscles and reduce stress during a therapy session. To effectively treat patients suffering from serious ailments, a tens machine must deliver consistently sustained electrical current. So how do you choose a product that will work best for your needs?


First, read the instructions manual carefully. Each model of tens of machines has its own set of features, including what type of electrodes are needed to operate the machine and the number of electrodes used in each application. Take the time to familiarize yourself with all of these items before beginning treatment. This way, you will know which applications require the most accessories and which only require basic tools. Furthermore, if you ever need to call customer support for any reason, it will be simple for them to identify your specific needs.


The Zoe Tech TENS machine Australia functions using two types of electricity: direct and alternating. A small electronic panel delivers the electrical impulse into the pain region. Depending on your condition, the sensation will vary. For example, suppose you are using a low-intensity TENS machine to relieve chronic back pain. In that case, the electrical impulse will be a low frequency that will not be felt as acutely as if you were applying a much more powerful electrical impulse.


Although TENS machines are commonly used in medical conditions that require a person to feel sudden pain or discomfort, they have been successfully used for various non-medical purposes. Some home users enjoy these machines for their relaxation. Some consumers have found TENS machines helpful for pain relief while taking a bath, sleeping or exercising. Consumers have begun to buy home-use TENS machines because they can be used independently and do not require medical supervision.


You may be surprised to know that you can even purchase a Zoe Tech TENS machine Australia for your home without the need for a medical professional. It is because the manufacturers have designed the units to be used on bare skin. With continued use, this type of device can help you eliminate the sensation of pain. In addition, many manufacturers are working on making these types of devices waterproof to be used by anyone. However, the manufacturers are not releasing specific information regarding the frequency with which the units will need to produce lasting relief from pain.