6 Steps To Install An Outdoor Antenna

Outdoor antennas are the best when it comes to acquiring the highest quality reception. However, you won’t achieve the channels you want if you install your antenna the wrong way. That’s why this article is for introducing the right steps to proper outdoor antenna installation Adelaide.

Step 1: Select The Right Antenna

You can see a wide variety of antennas available in the market today. Choosing the right one for your home can be a tedious and intimidating process. Instead of manually selecting an antenna on your own, you can seek advice from a technical professional on the type of antenna that will work best for your home and location.

But if you take the risk of choosing a TV antenna on your own, here are four of the most common types of outdoor antennas that you need to decide:


  • Small Multi-directional Antenna
    • The tiniest among all the antenna variants. Despite their size, they can receive significant signals from all directions.
  • Medium-sized Multi-directional Antenna
    • A big-sized and more potent variant. Medium multi-directional antennas usually come with a novel stick and wing-shaped long elements.
  • Large Multi-directional Antenna
    • The largest and most powerful among all the antenna types. This antenna typically receives more power that is far away from the source.
  • Small directional Antenna
    • This small-type antenna can offer excellent picture quality. However, it will not perform well under the presence of signal reflecting structures.

Step 2:  Prepare Your Antenna Installation

Before you begin the antenna installation Adelaide process, make sure that you are aware of where your local broadcast tower is located. Install your outdoor antenna in a position where it is nearer the tower as it will ensure a clearer and better TV reception.

If you prefer installing your antenna on your own, then the instructions provided by your antenna will be useful for you.

Step 3: Assemble Your Antenna

Keep in mind that outdoor antenna installation Adelaide depends on the type of antenna that you acquired. While the majority of antennas comes in one solid piece, other variants needassembling after arriving into your home.

When you’ve successfully assembled your antenna, you can now loosen the bolts and screws on the sleeve of the mounting bracket. Slide the pole to the bottom of the sleeve and secure the pole by tightening the bolts to ensure a firm hold.

Step 4: Attach the Antenna to the Pole

It’s now time to attach your antenna to the pole. The height of the pole will depend on you. But keep in mind that the higher your antenna, the better the reception. Carefully slide your antenna over the pole until the top meets the pole’s sleeve. Now rotate the antenna to the direction pointing towards the broadcast tower. The bolts don’t have to be super tight to ensure you can still make adjustments when needed.

Step 5: Connect Your Antenna to Your TV

Last but not the least is finally connecting your outdoor antenna to your TV. Ensure that the end of the cable is firmly attached to the cable output terminal of the outdoor antenna and the other end will be placed to the coaxial input of your TV. When everything is ready, try to test your TV and tune it when receptions are still unreliable.

The best receptions will only be achieved once you install your antenna correctly. If you are afraid that you might get the installation wrong, contact your local antenna installations services and have them do the work for you.