The Benefits of Hiring a Criminal Lawyer


If you have recently been arrested for a crime, there are many benefits of hiring a criminal lawyer. These benefits range from avoiding jail time to having your charges dismissed. While it is true that in some cases, jail time may be avoided, these are often short stints in terms of months and some cases, just probation will suffice. In other cases, the charges will go to trial, but this may also result in a lengthy sentence or even a lifetime ban from driving.

Criminal Lawyers PerthPerhaps one of the most obvious benefits of hiring a Criminal Lawyers Perth attorney is that you will be protected from the serious consequences of going to jail. In the case of misdemeanour charges, going to jail can mean up to one year in jail. Even if your charge is more serious, like second-degree murder or first-degree burglary, the punishment can still include a substantial amount of time behind bars. In some instances, the only thing that will happen is community service, which can be as little as a day or as much as three years.

Hiring a criminal lawyer can also protect you from excessive fines or even losing your license to practice law. Many states require attorneys to be licensed, so failing to hire one can result in serious consequences. With a good lawyer on your side, you can get this license back so that you can practice law once again. In the end, you may even be able to retain your license after the fact. Your lawyer can negotiate with the prosecutor to try to get these things dropped off your record.

Another benefit of hiring a criminal lawyer is that you can avoid dealing with a criminal record’s consequences. In the past, people accused of a crime were usually sentenced to jail to protect society from “undesirable” behaviour.

Another good reason to hire a criminal lawyer in Criminal Lawyers Perth is that you might be eligible for professional fees while you are in court. Most states have rules about when a lawyer can ask for fees, which can often make getting your defence paid for easier. If the charges against you are fairly serious, this could save you a lot of money.

They’re also applicable in a situation where you’re being accused of something you didn’t do, or even if you’re accused of something you did do but think you didn’t commit. Even if it ends up being true, it can be difficult to prove your innocence, so a good criminal lawyer can make it much easier to put your case behind you.