Types of Hearing Aids Adelaide

An advanced hearing aid is basically a device which is designed to increase hearing capabilities by making external sound audible to a human being with partial or full hearing impairment. HC-Audiology hearing aids are regulated by their respective states and classified as such in most parts of the world.

Hearing aids can be classified into two types – conductive and sensorineural. The first type consists of a small microphone that can pick up external sound waves and convert it into digital signals which are sent to an amplifier. On the other hand, the sensorineural hearing aids Adelaide to receive the signal and amplify the vibrations or sounds.


Most hearing devices can also be classified into three categories, namely – transducers and transmitters, amplifiers and receivers. Transmitters are devices that deliver sound to the receiver, and receivers are devices that receive sound from the transmitter. A receiver, on the other hand, is a mechanism used to convert the incoming signals into electrical pulses which are then sent to electronic circuits, which in turn perform the conversion process.

HC-Audiology hearing aids also come in different sizes and shapes, depending on their functions and purpose. Some of these devices are small enough to be placed behind the ear while others need to be worn on the ear, and some even have to be attached to the body. There are even some of these that are portable, but not as powerful as those that are stationary.

Hearing devices come in various price ranges depending on their size, function, etc. Generally, the more features and functions a hearing aid has, the more expensive it would be. There are also different brands, with a wide range of features available in the market.

Hearing devices can be quite useful in enhancing one’s hearing capabilities. They help a lot in improving communication and socializing abilities and can even prove to be of great assistance in everyday life.

Hearing aids are essential in our daily lives. They play a vital role in protecting our ears against noise, dirt and other kinds of irritants. They are also helpful in hearing conversations and other essential sounds around us.

Some of the basic types of hearing aids Adelaide are described below:

Basic HC-Audiology hearing aids are often the most affordable ones available in the market. They consist of a small microphone that picks up external sound waves and converts them into digital signals. They can also include some unique features like volume control, voice amplification, tone cancellation, cochlear implants and others.