The Rug Cleaning – Onsite Or Offsite?

When you need to get a rug cleaned, one of the first questions you should ask is whether the company can clean rugs on site or offsite. The Rug Man is an excellent option for The Rug Man rug cleaning Adelaide. However, if you live in an area that is hard to reach by car, the company may not offer the same high-quality cleaning that the rug cleaning Adelaide professionals do. Therefore, it is better to opt for an on-site rug cleaning service in these situations.

The Rug Man rug cleaning AdelaideErrol Rug Man

For the best rug cleaning Adelaide has to offer, call Errol at The Rug Man. The Rug Man is courteous, on time, an accredited carpet cleaning company, and offers FREE pick-up and delivery. The rug cleaners at The Rug Man Adelaide are qualified in all types of fibres and rugs, including Oriental rugs, wool rugs, and synthetic rugs. The team also cleans upholstery, tapestries, and carpet.

Bensons Rug

If you have a costly oriental rug, you may consider having it professionally cleaned at least once every two years. Over time, new rugs can develop stains, wear, and other damages. Adelaide’s professional rug cleaners can remove stains without damaging the rug’s fibres. They use a soft, gentle process that will not damage the rug. If you want your rug to look as good as new, you should contact The Rug Man to clean Adelaide.

Rug Badger

The Rug Badger at The Carpet Man rug cleaning Adelaide uses a patented dusting machine known as the RugBadger. This powerful machine delivers over 40,000 harmonic vibrations per minute to lift soil and particle matter from the foundation and between fibres of area rugs. This process is similar to beating a rug with a broom and is not regulated by any industry standards. Rug Badgers are designed to be as gentle on area rugs as possible so that the resulting clean is superior to traditional cleaning methods.

The Carpet Badger at The Rug Man rug cleaning Adelaide uses the latest rug cleaning technology to ensure a spotless finish for your rugs. Rug cleaning Adelaide technicians use a professional vacuum with a HEPA filter to remove tiny dirt particles and mites. The Rug Badger uses these powerful tools to clean all rugs, from antique to modern. The Rug Badger is one of the best options for carpet cleaning Adelaide.

On-Site or offsite rug cleaning

On-site and offsite rug cleaning Adelaide services are two options for your rugs. On-site cleaning involves taking the rug to a professional cleaning facility for a customized deep cleaning session. Offsite cleaning requires you to prepare the rug in advance. It may include rolling it out and vacuuming. If you prefer, The Rug Man can also do the cleaning offsite at a special facility.

License and insurance

If you live in Adelaide, hiring The Rug Man rug cleaning Adelaide company is highly recommended. A professional rug cleaning company uses cutting-edge techniques and specialized cleaning products to restore the beauty of your rug. A licensed and insured company will clean any rug and guarantee complete satisfaction. You can compare prices and see what services each company offers before hiring one. The cost of rug cleaning Adelaide services varies depending on your budget, the size of your rug, and its material.


When you decide to have a rug cleaned, you may be wondering what to expect to pay. A professional rug cleaner in Adelaide uses specialized equipment and techniques to get the job done. Rug cleaning services in Adelaide should provide you with the best results possible and help extend the life of your rugs. The cost of rug cleaning Adelaide services varies depending on your budget and the size and material of your rug.

Generally, a professional carpet cleaning service is between $125 and $235 per square foot. The service cost from an expert will vary depending on the material used. Oriental rugs are best cleaned by hand, while specialty throws need steam cleaning. Ask the company which method will be best for your particular type of rug to find the lowest cost solution. While you may choose the cheapest option, professional rug cleaners will charge you more than an average carpet cleaner.